I’m currently studying for my Diploma in Interior Design from klc by distance learning. For my second coursework submission, the first project was a colour matching exercise. We had to take a fabric with 3-5 colours in it; and create a whole room scheme by finding other items that matched the colours within that fabric. This is my board:

colour matching board

colour matching board

It’s a great way to develop a cohesive scheme for a room.

Part of the instruction was to compare colours under different light conditions – I was suprised to see how much difference that made, so a real learning there.

I had an absolutely brilliant time doing this with a friend who is studying the same course. One; I love the Turner Pocock ‘Ibis’ flamingo wallpaper and was quite pleased with my overall scheme, but two; I think I was definitely in what happiness and fulfilment psychologist Csikszentmihalyi describes as ‘a flow’. He argues that true happiness comes from being fully involved in learning and developing our skills to overcome meaningful challenges, and I must say; I agree!