100% Norway

100% Norway is one of my favourite parts of the London Design Festival, so I’m always keen to see what will be there. This year, to mark their 10th anniversary, they’ve released a series of beautiful short films. This one is Norwegian design legend Peter Opsvik & rising star Lars Beller Fjetland in conversation… so I’m going to put my feet up and let them interview each other!

My favourite quotes are when Peter Opsvik says, “My theory about sitting is very simple: if we’re allowed to move, we move.” (I’m such a fidgeter I can’t help but agree!) and Lars Beller Fjetland’s observation that “Sometimes beautiful things come from the chase of that which is purely functional.” I think often, the most beautiful things do.

I loved Lars’ Re-turned Birds at 100% Norway 2012, so I’m excited to see his latest work – and I’m hoping to be allowed to have a go in Peter’s chair… do you think they’ll let me? Maybe! 100% Norway is at the Dray Walk Gallery off Brick Land 19th – 22nd September.

Lars Beller

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