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I met Norwegian designer Vibeke Skar at designjunction where she was exhibiting her Evergreen Lamp, a collaboration with Jens Praet for Northern Lighting. She makes an appearance in the film we made on the day and here is a little more about her…

Vibeke Skar

I am a coffee addict.

I have always had a passion for creating things, from drawing, sewing outfits and making jewellery to starting art school and studying industrial design in Italy and Norway.

I am interested in Norwegian design, Nordic elegance, minimalistic form, unique details, exclusive materials.

I find inspiration from nature, culture and craft traditions combined with a strong passion for trends and fashion. The Lily lamp was inspired by a Christian Dior haute couture show and the Victoria water lily in a botanical garden in Oslo.

Vibeke Skar

To overcome creative block, I try to get out of my office. I go and explore nature, the city, gardens, a museum or a gallery, flea markets, fashion shows, a trend seminar or I simply travel.

I love the final part of the process, when the product is finished and I can finally see it in its environment.

I love days when I can be part of the production and collaborate directly with the glassblower, blacksmith, or porcelain modeller and see my design come to life.

Vibeke Skar

The best things I saw at the London Design Festival this year were the Copper Mirror series by Hunting & Narud at 100% Norway and the Bocci 28.280 at the V&A. The Queen of Norway visited us at the 100% Norway exhibition and I presented my product for her!

Good design has a beautiful shape, it is functional, and the product possesses something unique that stands out from the crowd.

Vibeke Skar

I am very proud of winning the Scheiblers Talent Award in design in 2012 (one of Norway’s most prestigious design awards).

The advice I would give to new designers is: be your self, take a risk and believe in your work.

My favourite colour is turquoise or blue or green…

Vibeke Skar

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