24 hour holiday isle of wight

Why is it that when you most need a holiday, you’re least able to take one? Without any money or time on my hands, and with London Design Festival looming large, I decided I needed a break – even if it was just a little one, even if it was just a 24 hours. So I packed my bags and boarded a train, a ferry and an old fashioned tube train to Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. I left my laptop behind and I switched off my phone – no emails, no twitter, not even a sneaky little instagram for 24 whole hours. And what a difference a day makes… I highly recommend it (even if I did feel compelled to turn it into a blog post when I got back!)

Images top to bottom, left to right…

  • The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth from the ferry as we left mainland England (well, it’s not a holiday without a boat!)
  • The monolith that is the Cliff Lift was originally built as a hydraulic lift in 1891 and connects the seafront with the old town – otherwise only accessible by walking up a very big hill!
  • I loved these colourful tables and chairs set against the wooden floor and painted grey walls – a little bit of Scandi style in Shanklin.
  • The beach looked gorgeous in the morning light – so gorgeous in fact I was in the sea before breakfast – and very quickly out again, it was freezing!
  • I loved the old fashioned deck chairs with the little sun hoods and was seriously tempted to pop a few in my suitcase!
  • And finally, the Spinnaker Tower again signalling our journey home.

And the best bit? I came home feeling inspired and refreshed and my inbox was just as empty as I’d left it!

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