Imprint Craft Central LDF13

I was excited about Imprint at Craft Central, billed to be “a cross-disciplinary exhibition of printed design,” and it didn’t disappoint. I am a bit of a print-nerd, and I loved the different ways that “print” had been interpreted by the exhibitors. I hope to write more detailed posts in the future, but here are a few things that caught my eye, top to bottom, left to right:

  • Okay, so they had me at the poster! Neon orange on grey with a lovely printerly texture – what’s not to love?! (Designed by Turnbull Grey)
  • Janet Stahelin Edmondson has used lace to print into porcelain.
  • I loved Laura Slater‘s hand screen printed linen cushions.
  • I was really inspired by Hannah Victoria Locker‘s prints which were made of two overlaid sheets of opaque ‘trugrain,’ each with a different pattern, so the idea of printing colours in layers was taken even further than in traditional screen printing.
  • Kethi Copeland‘s collaboration with Dosmaquinas Monterrey, the Amsterdam Printed Chair, was another example of taking printing into 3D form.
  • I’m a big fan of Thornback & Peel and this gorgeous Stag and Dots was another masterpiece in grey and neon orange!
  • I like the idea of printing on found materials and Marby & Elm‘s letterpress (wooden Gill Sans type if you’re interested!) Sing With Me print is a lovely play on the old music sheet it’s printed on.
  • Last but not least, on the left is Joanna Ham‘s newest work developed especially for the show. They are created from a mixed media collage, which is then used to generate a photogram, which is digitally reconstructed and hand screen printed – the detail is incredible and having been privileged to see these in progress I was bowled over by the final result. And on the right, I loved the colour and texture in Katy Binks‘ abstract prints.

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