Hello and happy Friday! I’ve been very excited about sharing these numbers with you, since I spotted two of them in one day! It was a good day for photos of numbers! The first one is on the door of the shared studio space that textiles designer Emma Shipley calls home. I was there to interview her for a short film about her work.

polaroid style photos of a hand drawn 11, a 2 that covers a whole door and a post with four house numbers on it

And just outside these shared studios was today’s second number – definitely a contender for my favourite ever! I love the fact it’s bigger than the door, and I love the colour combination; the browns and beiges of the door and the bricks contrasted with the grey of the 2 and the metal fence.

The last one I spotted a while ago, perhaps in Southwold in Suffolk. I just love all the numbers gathered together in a line on one post, with the little 60a popping its head into the background of the shot.

Have a great weekend, folks.