A new column and my geekiest design confession to date… I collect photos of numbers. There, I said it. Given that this blog is called ‘confessions of a design geek,’ I thought it was about time to come clean and share some of them with you. These three (from top to bottom) are from South East London, somewhere in Cornwall and the Bodmin steam railway.

photos of numbers typography

When I started my collection, about ten years ago, I lived in a tiny flat so didn’t have the space to collect anything physical. Collecting photos of things seemed like a good solution. I love typography, but that seemed like too broad a topic, so to narrow it down, I started collecting photos of numbers. (Even I appreciate quite how geeky that all sounds!)

So, every Friday afternoon from now on, you can look forward to a little bit of typographical geekiness.

(Thank you to Ian Barnard for the fabulous Polaroid templates.)